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Dr. Jesse Stoff is an internationally acclaimed physician specializing in immunology, naturopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, and holistic medicine. Currently, he has two offices – one in Riverhead, which is dedicated to fighting and preventing allergies, & the other in Glen Cove, where he provides quality treatments for immunologic diseases and cancers. In both his offices, he has a staff of qualified and experienced physicians, nurses, and nutritionists. He also has a number of avant-garde medical devices and machines installed in these facilities so that he can treat his patients using latest techniques.
Dr. Jesse Stoff's proficiency as a medical professional can be evaluated from the very fact that he has a proven record of satisfied patients. Many of his patients have even posted their reviews on the internet to share how Dr. Jesse helped them combat their health problems and get back to a normal life. Apart from his expertise, his patients also regard him for his caring and compassionate attitude. Being a dedicated professional, he spares no effort to make sure that his patients feel at ease throughout the treatment.

At both his offices, Dr. Jesse Stoff follows a holistic approach while treating his patients and strives to provide patient-centered health care, not sick care. He also believes that when it comes to allergies, immunologic diseases, and cancers; every patient has different underlying causes and symptoms. This further implies that they all need a different treatment plan. To determine the best course of action for a patient, Dr. Jesse thoroughly goes through not only their current state of health, but also their past medical history. Doing so allows him to provide them the most effective treatment as per their particular health issue, its causes, and symptoms. In order to reach out to more patients in need of quality health care, he is planning to shortly open one more office.